Saint Louis Soul Band

We play. You dance.

After honing their crafts in the bars and clubs of Saint Louis, Hi-Pointe Soul Revue emerged as a collective on a mission – to throw down timeless, funky beats that leave crowds dancing all night. Grounded by three principles – have fun, make people dance, and breathe new life into classic tunes – the band knows how to get everyone on their feet with a unique blend of rock, soul, and blues.

HSPR is a modern-day time machine, capturing the emotion of classic recordings from the golden age of American music. Yet, with their seamless ability to move from improvisation to groove, they craft soundscapes that are excitingly fresh. Like your favorite leather jacket and a pair of well-worn jeans, their sound is classic, cool, and forever in style. This is soul music at its finest.

Brad Johnson – Guitar and Vocals
Ian Anderson – Bass Guitar
Matt Reyland – Drums
Blake Mercurio – Saxophone
Chris Goddard – Keyboards

Wanna dance?

A favorite at weddings and private events, Hi-Pointe Soul Revue never fails to bring the thunder. Your guests will be out of their chairs and on the dance floor.

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